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A bit about me :D

Front of jewellery box

Side of jewellery box

Top of jewellery box

My new jewellery box!


Hi I just want to start off this post by letting everyone know that ill be changing to blogger because I prefer their format and feel its easier to use (my sister uses blogger so I’ve seen the tools etc and feel its more user friendly)



I will be keeping this blog up with a link to my new blog so that you know I am still blogging just somewhere else 😀 if you do enjoy reading what I write ( I’m going to be doing more on beauty so it’ll be beauty/skincare/food – so not just recipes) please come join me on my new adventure. I promise that ill start putting more effort into it and it’ll be much more interesting!!!
My blog is called
www.kawaiibakehouse.blogger.com   It’s all cute things and yummy things and a little bit more 🙂 to stay updated   and see more of what I do follow my Instagram @mylittlebitofheaven
This post is a bit more about me because I realise I haven’t really ever shown you guys what type of girl I am.
I am a REALLY girly girl. I love cute things, pretty things, pastel colours, dresses, skirts and I love BOWS!!! Bows are my absolute favourite pattern and I have tons of bow items: my bag has a bow on it, hair ties, hair bands, necklaces, shoes…pink is not my favourite colour but I do have a lot of pink things like baby pink.
I have a lot of cosmetics and I always keep them in my cosmetic bag but lately I’ve found that I just have too much stuff that it won’t fit! So, my solution…
Buying cute boxes 😛 these boxes are great because they can fit quite a lot in, easy to open and look cute. Plus they weren’t very expensive either. I put these boxes on a shelf I have so one half are so books and the other half are my boxes. This is practical and adorable because it keeps everything looking neat and organised and you won’t lose anything! I know sometimes that I can’t be bothered to put something back where I got it but this, I can just put the item in the box easily and at the weekends I like to sort it all out again.
Strawberry and glitter pastel blue box
Blog 003
You can find these types of boxes anywhere but I got mine at a shop called TK MAXX. It offers loads of great things at friendly prices which is a plus for everyone. Don’t you hate it when you pick something you really like but then find out its really hard on your purse ^_^
Make upBlog 005
       I got these items and got free samples with them… 😀  (I’ll be doing some reviews on these but on my blog at blogger
These are just some of my basic things I have… Do you like my cosmetic bag? I bought in Hong Kong in this shop in APM. It’s a great size, not too big and not too small which means I can keep all my essentials together handily and it won’t make me over pack! I adore the pretty inside fabric, it has so much detail with the design and pockets so you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into it but its still pretty simple. I think that it’s cute and pretty but also sophisticated at the same time. The pockets are also handy for keeping little things inside so that you can reach then easily. Do you notice that the zips on the pouch are hearts?! Sweet right >•<
Inside print and pockets
Blog 001
  Blog 002  Blog 004
These are some of my products that i like to use, this picture was taken a while ago so some things have changed and I’ve also bought a few new items! I think that the essentials for many avid beauty fans would be some shades of eyeshadow (natural/dark), eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss/lipstick, lip balm, blusher, concealer and foundation. Of course your list might be different depending on your beauty style because everybody is different and aiming for different looks 😀

Bottom three drawers

I don’t own a lot of jewellery, so this is really just the basic things I have, but then I have more special ones that I keep in their boxes 😛 I usually like to accessorize my outfits with collars.

Top drawer
Thank you for all the people who have taken the time to read my posts since I’ve made a blog at wordpress. I really appreciate it and hope that you’ll continue to read my posts on blogger!!!

Yoghurt layer dessert with strawberry and honey


all the layers

Hello Good morning everyone or good afternoon or good evening…

Has everyone been enjoying themselves lately??? So, I am trying to maintain a healthier diet so that I’m not only healthy on the inside but healthy on the outside… Do you know what I’m talking about?! Stuff like great clear and smooth skin, good hair because they are getting the vital nutrients and nicer looking nails… I really want to have better skin so I’m definitely sticking to this plan but it doesn’t mean treats aren’t allowed 😀 just making sure everything is balanced.
The reason for this is because I’ve always been annoyed that as a Chinese girl I have freckles… My mum has some light freckles as well but i don’t know why because my sister doesn’t. Ah I really wish I was with the tradition and had flawless skin like some korean people, if you know or have seen korean people/celebrities you’ll know what I mean. Their skin is so pretty with virtually not a mark in place 🙂
So as part of a healthy diet you can’t always be eating cakes and desserts that are unhealthy so I decided to make a healthy dessert. My healthy dessert is not a cheat of a healthy dessert because it truly is healthy. It consists of layers of  plain natural yoghurt such as Greek style yoghurt, with honey and a strawberry compote on top of a biscuit layer.
This compote is like a thin jam because I puréed the cooked down strawberries and the sauce altogether. I know that to make jam you can sometimes require a large amount of sugar to balance out the tart flavours of the fruits and to provide an extra sweetness so I made sure that mine wasn’t a sugar overload 😀 this wasn’t really a problem to me because the dessert would have a sweet element already, provided by the honey so therefore it doesn’t matter if the compote is slightly on the sour side… In fact it makes it all the better 😛
BECAUSE then there is an increase in variety which your palate will love. If the dessert was just sweet it wouldn’t be as exciting so as you take a spoonful of all four layers you’ll have a kick of the sweet honey which will be suppressed by the delicious slightly tart strawberry compote, balancing all the flavours and then yogurt provides a nice base to give that creamy texture. Plus you’ll get that nice crunch from the biscuit layer to add some texture.
Can you see, it’s healthy and tasty ^_^ of course you can set the dessert however you like because it can be changed in anyway and it doesn’t matter seeing as it won’t be baked or cooked. Therefore you could always put a little compote at the bottom of a wine glass and a generous dollop of yoghurt and place the honey in a little jug (the ones to pour out dessert sauces) and simply let everyone drizzle the honey on top. Super easy and super fun~~~
I made four portions but you can increase the amount of ingredients to create larger portions or scale down and each portion can be bigger or smaller than the ones I made.
Natural yoghurt/ Greek style yoghurt –  however much you want to serve
Honey   – once again however much you want
Digestive biscuits 2 per person
Butter 60g melted and cooled
Strawberries 10 strawberries
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 water
Each of this is dependent on how much you want of each and how you like the taste so if you want the compote sweeter, add more sugar, if you want the consistency less thick, add more water. For the biscuit base you’re looking for the texture of almost slightly wet sand because you want to be able to press it together so it sticks not crumble. Therefore you may need to add more butter or less, just keep stirring to achieve this.
1/ So first of all make the biscuit base by stirring the cooled butter in the biscuits once it is the correct texture press it down into your  serving glass: this is how I did mine… I always prefer a slightly thicker layer, it’s like a can’t stand cheesecakes which have barely a layer because then all you are eating is the cream cheese filling…not as nice.
Digestive biscuit layer
To make the strawberry compote, combine the strawberries, water and sugar in a saucepan, it doesn’t need to be a large size (unless you are making lots). Heat on high heat, stirring constantly, until the strawberries are very soft (they’ll be somewhat deformed, possibly melted away), the sauce is almost thick and syrupy like and it is the consistency you want. Make sure you do taste it, so it is sweet enough for you 😛 Take it off the heat and leave it to cool, where it will thicken more. Then, puree it altogether until there are no chunks of strawberries left.
Spoon a layer of yoghurt over the biscuit layer and then spoon a layer of the strawberry compote. Min only had one layer of the strawberry compote so I just divided the amount equally between the glasses.

strawberry layer on yoghurt








Add another layer of yoghurt to the top of the raspberry compote and then add some honey. I don’t advise that you add a layer, which I did because the honey can become quite overpowering against the lighter flavours. And I put mine in the fridge and the colour went slightly funny…


Top with a strawberry and chill in the fridge for at least 30min and then serve.


Do you like it?! (^U^) See you all next time where my post is about me~~~

Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi




Hi everyone ~

ah I really hate studying, I’m doing gcse’s at the moment and there’s just so much information I can’t wait for the time after because then i’ll have very little i’ll be doing and i’ll actually be able to blog a lot. I did say I’d be doing my whole around the world in 12 weeks project but I haven’t made all the recipes because I should really be studying hard 😀 however this post was the week for my India destination where I made Mango Kulfi. I used a few recipes to make this one but for some reason I can’t find them anymore 😦 it’s probably because I searched so much that I clicked on tons of things and wrote random things in the google search hah…


so I’m really sorry but I don’t have the recipe so you can try find the ones you like the look of, on the internet but I can tell you the basic ingredients involved: mango, condensed milk, milk and possibly sugar BUT if you’re using canned mangoes don’t use the sugar because it’ll be waaaaay too sweet I still put in the sugar and it was just too much.


So do you guys know what mango kulfi is???


It’s a super popular dessert in India and some call it an ice cream but then others disagree because of kulfi’s different texture, it is much denser and thicker compared to ice cream ie you can bite kulfi but not ice cream because that would just melt ^_^ when making the kulfi you need to let it thicken but I’m not sure what happened with mine but it just never reached that stage so I added a teaspoon of corn flour and then it thickened but then when I ate it, it was kind of hard so I don’t know if it was something to do with the corn flour…


I think mango kulfi is a really refreshing sweet because of the refreshing mango flavour and mangoes are really popular fruits over in India which is why mango is used so often and is pretty common, like it’s used for mango ice cream, mango lassi, mango kulfi, curries… I wish we had more yummy mangoes over here because it really is an exotic fruit over here 😛


Mango kulfi can be enjoyed as an alternative to ice cream and ice lollies because it can be frozen into lolly moulds or alternatively, you can freeze it in boxes and scoop it out into ball shapes just like ice cream 😀 This means you have an extra dessert/treat to enjoy when it’s hot and it’s something different! So go try it, it doesn’t take too long to make, doesn’t involve too many ingredients but they are kind of specific ~~


If you do make it, let me know and share with me the recipes you used or if you’ve made it before, tell me how it came out ^_^


Come back for my next post about a layered summer dessert!!! See you all, thanks for reading

Black sticky rice with coconut milk and mango

Hey… this is my next post for around the world although I am several weeks behind and our destination is Thailand!!! This dessert is really popular over there and is incredibly simple to make, you can have this dessert hot or cold but I prefer it cold. especially in the summer when it’s hot and you just taste a spoonful of the cold coconut milk and juicy mangoes aah it’s great.

Mango coconut milk and black glutinous rice


I understand looking at it, it doesn’t have the sort of appearance that makes you think I’ve got to try it! BUT I think you should give it a go and once you try a really good version you’ll love it. I’ve always had very amateurish ones but then one time when I went back to Hong Kong we went to this little place which served a large bowl of it and it became one of my favourite desserts. It was scorching hot that day and we had been walking around and my legs were sooo tired so I was so happy to sit down and eat something that was super cold and when I saw this on the menu I chose it because you never know, they may be experts at this dessert and I would have missed out 😀 The mangoes were nice and ripe- sweet and juicy, the rice was perfectly cooked and sticky and the coconut milk was refreshingly cold and not too sweet.


This recipe calls for black glutinous rice but I’ve seen people swap it for a white rice instead so if that’s what you want to do you can search online to see recipes and if you do make it, let me know how it tastes as I’ve only ever tried it with black rice. The rice is called glutinous because of the sticky texture it reaches after being steamed just like using glutinous flour for things such as mochi 😛


Some people describe this dessert as being like rice pudding but I don’t agree with that because I totally love this dessert but I’m not a fan of rice pudding, I don’t know whether it’s the way I’ve had it or the way people have made it but I’ve never been converted. I always feel that rice pudding has a sort of mushy sense to it but this rice although it does become soft and sticky, it does still have a slight chew to it.


Of course not everywhere you go there are nice ripe mangoes so for this recipe you can use fresh if you have them and if not then tinned which is what I did. I thought it tasted very yummy apart from the fact my rice would not become very sticky but I’m sure it would have been good if it was. You don’t need a lot of time to make this recipe the only long part would really be chilling it in the fridge and that’s only if you want it cold. I got the recipe by looking at many recipes online.


This recipe makes roughly 5 portions



1 1/4 cup black glutinous rice

2/3 cup whole milk

2/3 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup caster sugar (you can always add more or less depending on if you’re a sweet tooth or not 🙂 )

1 tbsp honey

1/2 tsp salt

Mango (however much you want)



1. Soak the rice overnight in regular water and then when you want to make the dessert, cook the rice the way the packet tells you to do.

2. Heat the milk and sugar until it reaches boiling point. Add in the coconut milk and stir together.

3. Add the honey and salt and stir together. Simmer for around 5 mins and then turn the heat off.

4. Slice the mangoes

5. Place a dome of the rice in the middle, pour the coconut milk on top and then top with slices of mango.


Hope you like it!


Double chocolate truffle cake

Hi everyone

How are you all doing?! Hope everyone is enjoying themself, luckily it’s beginning to get warmer here!! Aah I love the sun it’s feels so much nicer and you know what this means… Time for summer desserts and cakes yay. Very soon!


This post is about a cake which I made for my parents and sister because my mum said she wanted to eat chocolate cake and it was Easter so I thought I’d make something not very difficult to make seeing as I’m still doing my challenge and well I’m behind already because of interruptions.





This cake is two layers but to make it more interesting two different layers. And as I promised double chocolate this will be fulfilled by a chocolate sponge layer topped with a chocolate truffle layer. This chocolate truffle layer is rich but light in texture because it is almost like a mousse but firmer and it provides a melt in the mouth texture.


This is a very simple recipe so makes a great wow cake for new bakers as it tastes great and is unique but isn’t difficult. OR for those where time is not on their hands or you just want to bake an easy but delicious cake.


I decided to make a cake like this because I like the contrasting textures because it makes the cake lighter in taste but still as chocolatey, it makes it more enjoyable to eat and it’s just nice to vary it. But more importantly I went with this decision because my parents love this truffle slice. Usually it’s my mum who makes it and I love it as well. For this recipe I halved the quantity for the truffle because I’m putting it on a sponge however I thought layer truffle layer was a little thin so I may use 2/3 next time.


Another great timesaver with this cake is because it doesn’t require any fancy decorations, I simply topped the cake with sifted cocoa powder so super easy!


Still not convinced this is a great recipe? Well it uses very minimal ingredients, for the truffle it only needs 2 ingredient: chocolate and cream ^_^ sounds good doesn’t it. And with the sponge cake it’s the usual pantry raid of flour butter sugar eggs… Etc just remember if you wanted to make sandwich cake double the ingredients for the sponge cake recipe. ^.^


This is a recipe from a magazine but with some changes in the quantities of ingredients but if you think this is the basis of your recipe let me know so I can refer it to you 🙂 I used a 23 inch diameter circular cake tin.



100g self raising flour

2/3 tsp baking powder

110g soft unsalted butter

110g caster sugar

25g good quality cocoa powder

2 eggs

1/3 tsp vanilla extract



1. Line your cake tin with baking parchment and preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius or gas mark 4


2. Sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl . Tip in the sugar and butter. Mix the cocoa powder with 60ml boiling water and mix to form a paste. Beat the eggs with the vanilla.


3. Add the eggs and cocoa powder to the flour mixture and mix till fully incorporated. Bake in the oven for 25-30 mins when a skewer inserted should come out clean.


The recipe for the truffle layer on top is by chef proprietor Linda Helme and the recipe was obtained when someone asked her to share the recipe. Im going to write the full recipe for this because I scaled it down and it didn’t taste as nice as usual.


568ml double cream at room temperature

225g dark chocolate

Cocoa powder optional



1. Melt the chocolate however you wish. Whip up the double cream till soft peaks form. Add a large dollop of the cream into the warm melted chocolate and mix thoroughly. Once done fold in softly the rest of the whipped cream and pour on top of the cake and smoothen.

2. Dust the top with cocoa powder and refrigerate till chilled. Slice, serve and enjoy 😀


Hope you like it and see you soon. I’m thinking of doing some chilled posts so just about my day and stuff cos I only really ever write about recipes. I also have some pending beauty products to review! ❤